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Pax is an incredibly sweet, affectionate and friendly kitten in spite of being in constant pain in his eyes and not being able to see very well.  He was born without eyelids, Bilateral Eyelid Agenesis.  Deformed tissues, no protection from anything the eye would come in contact with such as dust, his own eyelashes and fur constantly rubbing against his unprotected eyes, and lack of hydration of the eyes since he cannot close them all affect his ability to see, cause injuries to his eyes and cause irritation and pain.  He is also very susceptible to catastrophic corneal infection.

We rescued him from being put down at another shelter and are giving him a chance at life, getting his eyes fixed and finding a caring, loving home.

He’s seen two eye experts who say he requires surgery to create eyelids and to get the hair out of his eyes. This will stop the damage and the pain. Without the surgery Pax would surely go blind and suffer constant pain. The only other surgical option is to remove his eyes.  The surgery to create eyelids is the best option to save the vision he has left (which is pretty good as he can catch a string that is wiggled in front of him).

He might need more than one surgery to create the eyelids and will need medication and observation and time for recovery, but the surgeons think there is a very good chance this surgery will be successful and baby boy Pax deserves this chance.   Won’t you please help us raise the money for sweet kitten Pax’s surgery to give him a chance to see and not be in pain?  You can donate to help Pax here.

We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization operating a small, limited intake, donation only funded Animal Rescue/Shelter.  Many of our homeless, abandoned animals have been abused and neglected and come to us injured, ill, traumatized and have been turned away from or would have been put down by other shelters.  All donations are tax-deductible and anything will help this poor, sweet kitty.

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