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Cute as a button, cuddly kittens waiting for their FURever home. Please browse our adoptees and/or stop by the shelter!


The Denver Dumb Friends League is offering CAT spay/neuter surgeries for FREE, including age-appropriate vaccinations (rabies and distemper vaccines). No qualifications are required to qualify for free cat spay/neuter surgeries.

Welcome To Angels With Paws!

AWP Saved Our Angel Four Times Before We Got Her!

Say hello to Izzabella, an 8.5-year-old flame point Manx-Siamese! Izzy was one of a litter of kittens born with Manx Syndrome, similar to spinabifida in humans. All of her litter mates died soon after birth. Fortunately for Izzy (and us!), the breeder chose to bring her to the shelter instead of having her euthanized.

Manx-Syndrome is a genetic disorder that results in cats being born without the last two vertebrae. Izzy looks normal other than having no tail. She can walk, run and play all day long. However, due to nerve damage, she is unable . . .

Amazon Angels With Paws Wish List!

Running an animal shelter requires more than just food, water, and lots of love. Every day we do intake testing, laundry, wash dishes, and clean every inch of the shelter. All of this requires supplies (i.e. gloves, sterile garments, laundry detergent, bleach, liquid soap, etc.) In addition, we use testing and diabetic supplies (syringes, test strips), give medications, and bottle feed kittens.

If you would like to help us with the cost of some of our supplies, we have created a Wish List on Amazon for some of the things that we currently have to order.

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